Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Payoneer is awesome!

I've been a freelancer. I get paid for completing projects. However, I've not done online projects. Many reasons are there behind it. One of them is having no verified payment method. I can't get paid online even if I work and finish a project. So, I've been looking for the solution. And guess what? I got it. Payoneer is the solution. I came across Payoneer and  applied for a Payoneer Mastercard. Within less then 40 days, I received my Mastercard. Now I can get payment online with this great means. Activating "US Payment Method", I got my account at First Century Bank in US. So, it's not just a card now. I own my account at the bank. This makes me easy to do transactions for my Mastercard. I'm looking forward to utilizing this amazing facility. And I'm very hopeful that you too will get benefit from Payoneer.

Click here now to sign up for a Payoneer account and get a Mastercard. Good news is if you sign up from this link, you will get paid $25 for just signing up though you'll need to wait for the payment to receive until you earn $100. As the next step just refer your link to others after receiving your card. You'll earn and help others earn too. Isn't it great?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Innocent Couple - Caption Please!

I haven't come up with any cartoon for quite a long time. Today I thought of creating a cartoon. So, I just started thinking about a romantic situation which would be captioned with a funny conversation between a couple. The one that was in my mind while drawing this cartoon was like this:

Boy: What about tomorrow's date?
Girl: Tomorrow! Well, I guess it's 10th of August.

I, then, thought of other dialogues followed by a thought that it would be fun if I just leave it blank so that you can put your own caption. Isn't that a good idea? Well, if you feel like you can come up with more interesting and relevant captions, then you're most welcome to share them with me.

It just for fun. So, there won't be any winner and prize. Nevertheless, you will surely enjoy chipping in with your creative idea.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Twilight

The Twilight
Though it's been about a year since I finished this painting, I didn't get the time to share it to you all. Well, I've been going through a lot of painting tutorials. So, this painting is one of those paintings I have come up with following the concepts of the forest painting tutorials I've watched on youtube. I'm not a professional artist. Moreover, I've always taught myself to paint just by imitating the great artists performing. Since I've not been able to join a painting class, I have been doing my paintings with random methods and techniques. So, this painting might not look so professional. Still, I think this isn't a bad one. Usually, it's hard for me to paint without a reference but this one is done without any reference. So, it may seem a bit far from a realistic view. Nevertheless, I hope you might like it.